Is frugality sexy?

Source: MorBCN via Flickr under a Creative Commons License

Source: MorBCN via Flickr under a Creative Commons License

A quick post this morning.

The question came during a conversation I had on Twitter with @gogirlfinance and @KaileeCornell some days back.

Frugality has certainly been called many things, but in the conversations I’ve had, it’s very rarely referred to as sexy.

So, is it?

For one, I think living frugally is an intelligent thing to do. And intelligence is very sexy.

Perhaps more importantly, frugality shows passion.

Don’t believe me? What is frugality, after all, but being confident, knowing and prioritizing what really matters to you and spending less on the things that matter less?

Frugality is packing a lunch and eating in so you can spend three months traveling India and Southeast Asia.

It’s getting by on less so that you can chase your dreams instead of a paycheck.

So is frugality sexy?


Have a great week, everyone :)


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    I absolutely think frugality is sexy. I associate frugality with intelligence and a compatible personality type. I’ve dated people who are overly vain and materialistic – it’s emotionally and mentally draining. Jane and I are a great fit – both don’t see the value in hoarding over-priced material things and both of us treasure stolen moments of bliss found in experience.
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      That’s so great to hear. I guess in that sense, the fact that you’re both able to get on the same page shows a willingness to communicate too. All good things

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      It could be a turn-off when the frugality doesn’t go toward something… When people give their savings a job — so to speak — I can’t see how it wouldn’t be

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    I think frugality might get a bad rap because it can be associate with doing and buying nothing. In a relationship, you want the other to put some effort into the relationship.

    It may take some extra effort to plan a frugal date (like making a home-cooked meal) but, in a way, doesn’t that just make it more sexy than ever?
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    I think that frugality as you describe it is a byproduct of the sexy things: having your life together, being focused, being passionate, and knowing what your goals are, not to mention, being smart enough to avoid the temptations. However, frugality in itself isn’t sexy; it’s merely a manifestation of the other sexy things. It’s like treating pain rather than the cause of the pain (though in a much better frame of reference, of course!). Being frugal to have the admiration and love of former CAV and AR officers isn’t sufficient, but being frugal so that you can spend the important assets in your life on the things that matter is much more appealing.

    Having a six pack doesn’t hurt either! 😉

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      I think we’re in agreement. If you’re frugal just for the sake of being frugal, then you lack direction anyway. It’s responsible that you’re giving yourself the freedom to build out from that frugality rather than cutting back… but it’s not yet sexy. But if you’re frugal because you know enough about yourself and what you value, and you’re willing to fight for those things — through frugality and otherwise — then that’s incredible in a person.

      And yes, I can never use too many reminders that I need to go home and do some situps :)

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    I wouldn’t say it’s sexy as I think sexy gets applied to too much these days. I would say it’s desirable, though and is a good trait to have.

    If I were not married and I was out dating someone who I later found out ate out all the time and spent money like crazy in spite of a meager salary, I would definitely be turned off. Living a sustainable lifestyle financially is an attractive feature in a person.
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    Hah, before you even wrote “frugality is packing a lunch and eating in so you can spend three months traveling India and Southeast Asia.” My mind pretty much went right there too. Frugality is definitely sexy. I’ve never met someone who was frugal who didn’t have some really fascinating passions and usually some awesome life stories too!
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    One of the sexiest things about my husband is his frugality. It was one of the most important things to check of the list when you’re dating someone to make sure that your philosophies on life and money (or the saving-of) is on the same page!

    I know that we make small sacrifices on the daily to make our big adventures happen. But the trade off works for us. :-) I’d rather be travelling through SE Asia than getting my nails done every week.

    Frugality is super sexy – you just have to find a partner that appreciates it!
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  7. Debt and the Girl says

    It IS sexy. Some people may not think so but the truth is it is very hot. It shows you are interested in something other than the here and now. It makes you think your partner is smart and that is very attractive.

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    Cool post. I agree. I think frugality is indeed sexy. It’s sexy to want more out of life than the 9-5 till 65. And for most of us the way out requires a healthy dose of frugality. Frugality is a means to an end, and it’s sexy to see someone who realizes that and is in control of their own destiny.

    Best wishes!
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    I agree with the above posters that frugality, with a purpose, is sexy. I remember watching a tv show called “Extreme Cheapskates” and the word “sexy” NEVER entered my mind with what I saw. Many of these people were proud, obnoxious, and totally uncaring about others in their frugality. I just think like anything else, frugality can be taken too far.
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    Um, YES! frugality is sexy! :)

    Like you said, it’s intelligent, and intelligence is sexy. It’s one thing if you dress don’t shower and wear clothes with holes in it, it’s a hole other thing to be a multi-millionaire that wears kirkland brand jeans :)

    Great thoughts, Mario :)



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